Luke Wadsworth’s win motivated by Arizona State University Rivals

The Victorian Championships provided a tough challenge for Luke Wadsworth after the National Championships at the end of May, but he still managed to walk away as Men’s Senior All-Around Victorian Champion. 

“To get through the all-around and come away with a win, especially with some harder routines, is really motivating moving forward into the trials for World Championships and those sort of competitions”.

Much of his motivation to win came from the atmosphere that the Arizona State University (ASU) Male Gymnastics Team brought to the Victorian Championships. The ASU team, the Sun Devils, brought some incredible skills, as well as a lot of vocal support and celebration. 

“Sometimes gymnastics in Australia sometimes is a bit quiet and the crowd doesn’t really know how to celebrate it. The atmosphere they brought was really incredible.” 

“I think especially seeing the ASU team training when they first got here and feeling that energy helped me to get motivated.”

Moving forward, Luke is preparing for World Championship and Commonwealth Games trials. His success at the Victorian Championships is a good indication of things to come.