Therapists in Gymnastics: Talk 'n Tumble

Unity in sport stems from inclusivity. 

Gymnastics Victoria’s initiative ‘Therapists in Gymnastics’, gives occupational therapists the opportunity to provide therapy in Gymnastics Clubs. 

Similarly, enabling those with disability to break through the barriers of preconceived limitations and participate in a world class sport. 

Naomi Tesdorpf is an Occupational Therapist who has integrated Gymnastics Victoria’s initiative into her own program - Talk ‘n Tumble, at Eastern Gymnastics Club. 

A gymnastics coach from the age of 16, and now a qualified Occupational Therapist, she is fusing her passion with her work. 

Naomi was inspired by Spectra Gymnastics in Oregon, who exclusively run gymnastics programs for children and teens with Autism and related disorders, understanding that “kids get more out of it than just gymnastics.”

It was while coaching gymnastics classes for children with a disability at Balwyn and Eastern Gymnastics Club, that Naomi identified an opportunity to further expand OT into the gymnastics community: 
“Gymnastics and Occupational Therapy just make sense,” says Naomi.

Talk ‘n Tumble will run at Eastern Gymnastics Club and will incorporate a five-week gymnastics based social skills group program for kinder-aged children. 

It specifically combines OT and gymnastics, designed for children to develop emotional self-awareness, executive functioning skills and social thinking in a fun and safe environment. 

For coaches and occupational therapists like Naomi, it’s a rewarding experience. 

“OT is about enabling participation, developing independence, and motivating people to do what they need or want to be able to do in a creative and personal way,” Naomi says.

By integrating therapy into the positive sensory environment of a gymnastics club, Talk ‘n Tumble will enable children with disabilities to feel a sense of mastery as social thinkers and gymnasts. 

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