Gymnastics Victoria Website Update

Gymnastics Victoria have undertaken a re-structure of our website navigation to make it more user-friendly for gymnasts, clubs, technical officials and people who want to find out more about Gymnastics.

Below is a break down of the new menu structure and where to find everything:

Location of latest news stories and our newsletters.

Where you will find the 2017 Events Calendar and Gymnastics competition results. There are also now landing pages for our major events including both the June and August Victorian Championships.

Under this menu, you will find a tab for each Gymsport which leads to a landing page. Under each Gymsport you will find information including a description, State Team information and all of the Technical Information relevant to each sport.

A portal for Clubs to find what they need including information on Gymnast Pathways, Facilities and access to a whole host of Resources. This is also where you can search for clubs and learn about starting a club.

This link takes you to which houses everything you need to know about education & development for coaches, judges, club committees and gymnastics businesses.

Our Programs tab is a quick and easy place to find information about different Gymnastics Programs that are offered across the state including some fantastic Gymnastics For All initiatives.  


This section of the website houses information about Gymnastics Victoria, our partners, strategic documents, our policies and our contact details.

We understand the changes to the website may be difficult to adjust to and appreciate your patience in adapting to the new structure.

If there is something specific you are trying to find and you are having issues, please contact and we will follow up with you.