2017 Victorian Disability Awards Nominations

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to have received nominations for three Victorian Disability Awards. Gymnastics Victoria has worked hard to create programs that are inclusive for all members of the community, as well as promoting health and wellbeing for people with a disability. 

Gymnastics Victoria has been nominated for the Excellence in Creating Inclusive Communities Award, which recognises the contributions of an individual or group towards building an inclusive community that improves the lives of people with a disability. GV strives to create programs that are accessible to all members of the community with programs such as Special Olympics Gymnastics, Aerobase, and older adults gymnastics programs. 

The Aerobase program has been nominated for the Excellence in Promoting Health, Housing and Wellbeing Award, which recognises a contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of people with a disability. Aerobase is a fun six session Aerobics program for schools and groups that is accessible for people of all abilities. The success of the Aerobase program stems from the ability to access the program at anytime and anywhere, as well as creating an inclusive activity that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Kerry Tavrou, the Innovation and Inclusion manager for Gymnastics Victoria, is nominated for the Emerging Leader Award. This award recognises an outstanding individual as an emerging leader who has made a significant contribution to improving outcomes for people with a disability, by raising awareness and influencing others to shift community attitudes, creating cultural change or transforming services. 

The winners of the 2017 Victorian Disability Awards will be announced on Wednesday 16th August.