Secondary Inter School Gymnastics

Tyra, Elizabeth and Milly from Mt Beauty Secondary College. 

The Secondary School Inter School Gymnastics competition took place this week, from Tuesday 29th August until Friday 1st September at Eastern Gymnastics Club. The competition was open to all Victorian Secondary Schools (Years 7-12), with nearly 800 students of all ages and abilities competing. 

Schools from all over Victoria got involved, including students from Mt Beauty Secondary College, who travelled about 350km to take part in the event. Coach Jenny Farrington has been coaching there for ten years, and took 25 students this year.

Leaving at 5am and staying overnight in Melbourne builds the excitement for the competition. What she loves most is that “anyone can participate. I’ve got kids that put themselves out there in a place that they wouldn’t usually be in just for fun. It’s inclusive which is great”. 

Practicing throughout term three, the students really look forward to the Inter School Competition. Senior students Tyra, Elizabeth and Milly shared their passion for the competition. 

“It’s a social event but at the same time it’s really enjoyable to be able to compete against others and watch others and learn with others as well”.

“It’s really good because we come here and it’s not really competitive; it’s more of a fun thing to do, so you get to see the fun side of gymnastics as well. We have a lot of fun here coming on the camp as well from such a long way and we just really enjoy ourselves.”

Star of the Sea College have been competing at the Inter School gymnastics competition for over ten years. Year 12 Student Phoebe expressed her excitement to be competing for the sixth year. 

“It’s so much fun. I like that it gives me the chance to do gym again because I quit a while ago and I really miss it…It’s good that we get come back and stay in touch”

Gemma, another year 12 student from the 90 student Star of the Sea team said there was definitely “power in numbers”. Gemma has also been competing since year seven, and loves the team atmosphere. 

As mentors in the sport, both Phoebe and Gemma would definitely encourage younger girls to be part of the team environment

“We always like to be quite loud, because there’s heaps of us. We’re really supportive of each other.”

Star of the Sea Gymnastics Coach Clare Meehan has been attending the Inter School Gymnastics Competition for 10 years. Coaching one of the biggest teams at the event, she expressed her enjoyment about the competition.

“This means for a lot of girls that are more artistic and creative they can get involved in sport. It’s a really good outlet and because it is creative, they really love it. A lot of girls find it really good for discipline, they have much better body awareness and it actually assists with our other sports as well.”

The inclusivity is definitely one of the key aspects of school gymnastics, with students from all abilities getting involved.

“For us, it is a place where any student of any chosen interest can compete as gymnastics has made it so there is a level for everyone.”

The Senior Inter School Gymnastics Competition has been a success for everyone involved. Congratulations to all students for a great competition! 
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