Gymnastics Victoria are profiling people from our Gymnastics community to highlight the great work that is being done in Gymnastics across our state.

Sarah Hiesler is the current Technical Director of Trampoline Gymnastics and is an expert in everything to do with the sport. As the youngest Technical Director in Victorian Gymnastics, she has faced some unique challenges that have come with taking on the role. 

Sarah began her career in Trampoline Gymnastics in the same way that many enter into sport; with her mum taking her to a class when she was three years old. Sarah continued to train as a Trampoline Gymnast until she was seventeen years old, when she made the decision to become a coach. 

“I don’t think I was a very good coach to begin with! But I had trained with very experienced coaches during my time as a gymnast who helped me make the transition into coaching life,” Sarah said. 

Sarah continues to go from strength to strength as a Trampoline coach with great support at both Cheltenham Youth Club (CYC) and Bulleen Templestowe Youth Club (BTYC), and is currently the Head Coach of the Victorian Trampoline State Team. A highlight of her coaching career thus far came from representing Australia at the Indo Pacific Championships in 2016. She was also nominated for the 2016 Gymnastics Victoria award for Best High Performance Coach/Coaching Team of the Year. 

As well as being a valued Trampoline coach, Sarah has been a dedicated member of the Trampoline Technical Committee who are responsible for the technical rules of Trampoline Gymnastics in Victoria. She began as a General Member with support and guidance from CYC and BTYC then progressed to being the Coaching Coordinator. At last year’s AGM, Sarah was voted as the new Technical Director of Trampoline Gymnastics.

One of the major challenges Sarah has faced being Technical Director has been shifting her focus from just being concerned with the athletes she coaches, to overseeing all of the Trampoline athletes in Victoria. 

“It’s a completely different world being the Director of the Tech Committee compared to coaching. It’s all about organisation from a completely different perspective,” Sarah said. 

Looking to the future, Sarah is keen to keep developing her leadership skills in her position as Technical Director as well as having aspirations to coach at the national level. With her stellar track record, there is no doubt that Sarah will continue to make an incredible contribution to the gymnastics community.