Get your club offering FreeG

After the success of Ninja Warrior Australia, Gymnastics Victoria are encouraging Clubs to offer FreeG and holding an Intermediate and Advanced FreeG Coaching Course on Sunday 8 October at BUGS Gymnastics in Burwood.

Freestyle Gymnastics fuses traditional gymnastics and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performances and stunt actors and most recently by the Channel 9 TV program Ninja Warrior Australia.

FreeG gets hearts racing and develops a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports (including boarding, biking, skiing, climbing and surfing).

Offering FreeG at your Gymnastics club will provide an exciting new way to retain existing athletes as well as attract new members who are keen to jump on to the Ninja Warrior hype. 

Course: Intermediate and Advanced FreeG

Date: Sunday 8th October 2017
Time: 9:30am – 1.30pm (Intermediate) 9.30am – 3.30pm (Advanced) participants will be asked to arrive at 9:15am
Venue: BUGS Gymnastics, 76 Highbury Road, Burwood, Vic 3125     
Presenter: Tim Robertson, Peninsula Gymnastics
Pre Requisite: Current Technical Member of Gymnastics Australia and accreditations as detailed below.
Cost: Intermediate $75 Advanced $110

FreeG Intermediate
The Intermediate course is 4 hours. The course includes the philosophy of FreeG and practical activities on Floor, Wall, Bars and Vault. Skills and teaching techniques are discussed including pre-requisites, drills and fixing common errors. There are tips and suggestions for class management, risk mitigation and injury prevention. 
Pre requisites Intermediate
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Silver or High Performance Coaching Accreditation in any Gymsport or Exemption in LMS. A Beginner coach who attends must continue to coach under supervision. 

FreeG Advanced
This is a 2 hour add on to the FreeG Intermediate (6 hours total). The course includes safe coaching techniques, prevailing body actions and progressions to enhance performance.
Pre requisites Advanced
Intermediate coach, who have completed the Module 1 Face to Face, Advanced, Advanced Silver or High Performance Coaching Accreditation or Exemption in LMS.

Course Registration
To book onto the course log on to Gymnastics Australia Learning Management System, click here and follow the instructions below:

Coaches can either search using the black box at the top using the term ‘VIC FreeG’ or click the arrow to the right of the search box, go to ‘Browse Catalog’ and select the ‘FreeG Workshop’ option.

Select the course:
VIC - FreeG Workshop: Intermediate
VIC - FreeG Workshop: Advanced

Coaches with new LMS accounts or requiring exemptions:
If there is someone with a new account or who does not have an accreditation in the pre requisite list and cannot access the course, please contact T: 03 9021 8482