Our members are important to us. That's why we issue monthly newsletters to members and supporters of Gymnastics which cover a range of news and important information.

Send us your news

Your club is also welcome to send any good news or success stories from your members, which can be shared through Gymnastics Victoria newsletters and on the website. Please send us a brief description of the event, program news or member success story to the GV office at or phone 03 9005 4700. 


The Tumbler

The Tumbler is a monthly newsletter for everyone involved in Gymnastics, from gymnasts to their parents, club volunteers, competition judges, sponsors of Gymnastics and everyone in between. 

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Club, Coach & Judge Bulletin

The Club, Coach and Judge Bulletin eNewsletter is a combination of the Club Torque and Technical Bulletin newsletters that were previously distributed. It includes tailored and relevant news for those who work in Gymnastics in Clubs or as Coaches and Judges.  

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