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 Gymnastics Victoria are here to support you and your club as we navigate the ever changing situation around the coronavirus COVID- 19. 

We are committed to ensuring our clubs and wider community receive up to date information and will continue to be in regular contact as new information arises. 

Now that a date where clubs can re-open has been confirmed we have created a new hub of information and resources on our Return to Gymnastics web page

 Click on the tabs below to read up to date information regarding Gymnastics Victoria's response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

May 2020: COVID-19 Updates

Club Communication - 25/5/20

We hope you were able to have a lovely weekend and are pleased about the prospects for resuming gymnastics in the wake of yesterday’s announcement. 

Victorian return to Gymnastics – 22 June

We welcome the Premier’s announcement on the further easing of restrictions in Victoria which addressed measures around indoor physical recreation. 
As of 11.59pm on Sunday 21 June indoor physical recreation (e.g. gyms, health clubs, and class fitness studios) can be opened with up to 20 people allowed per separate enclosed space, subject to the four square metre rule and up to 10 people per group/activity.

You can read the Statement from the Premier here.

This is great news for our sport – it shows an appreciation of the importance of physical activity within our community for gymnastics (and other indoor sports) to be able to return with the same number limitations as outdoor sports, given the extra caution the government has shown for indoor activities.

Gymnastics Victoria will continue to directly engage with Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) to make a case for larger indoor venues to have greater capacity permitted.

Gymnastics Victoria staff have been proactively working behind the scenes with SRV, VicSport, Gymnastics Australia and other key stakeholders to provide clear and precise information for our clubs. In this ever-changing environment, it is important to follow all requirements and guidelines, ensuring a safe return to our sport whilst maintaining the welfare of our members. 

As we see further announcements from government, we need to be sure to take all due precautions in resuming gymnastics.  Besides adhering to the health regulations set out by the State Government, we must also be conscious that gymnasts have not been in regular training and so will need their training loads monitored, particularly for those at higher skill levels.  Similarly, resumption of competitions will need to be carefully managed to reduce the chance of injury.

Later this week Gymnastics Victoria will be releasing Return to Gym guidelines and checklists to assist your club as you plan to open your doors. 

Victorian Government Community Sport Survival Package 

The Victorian Government have also released further information about the Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package grant scheme.

The initiative provides grants to support the operational viability of community sport and active recreation organisations impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package includes $40 million for community sport organisations, including grants of $1,000 available for individual clubs (limited to not-for-profits).

Application will be open from today until 15 June and further information can be found here. We encourage eligible clubs to apply early, as the funding will no doubt be in strong demand.

Local Councils (with the support of local sporting bodies) will also be able to apply for funding for “shovel-ready” community sports infrastructure projects.

Thank You

While it is exciting that we can now anticipate the resumption of gymnastics, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the tireless work you have put in to supporting your gymnastics community throughout this time. Whether it has been the development of online gymnastics classes for athletes, sharing knowledge and resources with other clubs or administering JobKeeper support for staff, every little bit helps. It’s an incredibly difficult environment we find ourselves in and we’ve an outstanding gymnastics community here in Victoria. While we’re not out of the woods yet, we can at least see daylight!

Club Communication - 18/5/20


We hope you’ve had a good week and have been keeping safe.

We wanted to touch base again with another update to keep you informed on the latest updates and what we’re doing to help Victorian clubs. 

Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities with Restrictions Easing 

Sport and Recreation Victoria have released information in regards to Return to Play within the current health rules which came into effect at 11.59pm on Tuesday 12 May. The information can be found here.  

At current gymnastics clubs are only allowed to train outdoors with physical distancing. However, indoor sports exercise may be practised at home or via online sessions/classes as many of our clubs have been doing.

As noted in the last CEO Update gymnastics clubs must adhere to the following to be covered by insurance if they are able to safely conduct modified training outdoors:
-    A limit of 10 people
-     Non-contact and maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres
-    Ensuring any shared equipment is minimised and cleaned before, during, and after use

Gymnastics Australia held a club support webinar on Wednesday 13 May with their Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kathy Yu.

The webinar explored ways to implement appropriate personal hygiene behaviours, tips on how to keep athletes and staff healthy and how coaches can appropriately spot gymnasts in training.

Dr Kathy also highlighted a number of practical recommendations in regards to cleaning and hygiene practices for clubs to implement to minimise the potential of cross-contamination. The webinar can be viewed here.

We are aware that other states are easing restrictions faster than Victoria; please be aware that we need to follow the Victorian Government restrictions and cannot open our doors despite gymnastics clubs in other states reopening.

We encourage you to keep up the great work with online gymnastics classes, ensuring that you maintain strong child protection protocols and train safely in line with the insurance guidelines.

Victorian Government’s Experience Economy Survival Package 

Gymnastics Victoria welcomes the State Government’s commitment to supporting sport and recreation’s return from COVID-19.

The package will support sporting clubs and competition across the state from grassroots to an elite level.

We expect to receive and pass on more details about this funding soon.

You can read the State Government’s announcement here.

Gymnastics Victoria’s actions to recover from COVID-19

Gymnastics Victoria have re-oriented and re-prioritised its operations to support members through restrictions and to assist in returning to gyms once permitted.  GV has built a Recovery Action Plan to work through the different phases that we will see as we move to what will be the modified reality of a world living with COVID-19.  In the interim, all GV staff are working reduced hours and operations have been modified to ensure that member funds go primarily to those activities that will immediately benefit members, such as shifting education courses online, or providing online club workshops on adapting to and recovering your operations from coronavirus, such as:

The Road to Recovery Series

To ensure Gymnastics Clubs are ready to open their doors when restrictions ease, the Gymnastics State and Territory Associations have launched the Road to Recovery Series. 

The Road to Recovery Series is a series of webinars taking places every Friday over the next few weeks at 10.30am AEST. The webinars will allow time for Q&A and will later be uploaded to the Gymnastics Victoria website. 

The focus of the first week’s webinar which was held on Friday 15 May was Planning for Re-opening. Presentations from the webinar are available here

This week's webinar will focus on Marketing for Re-Opening and further details will be circulated on how to register over the next few days. 

OneMusic Licensing Update

At the end of last week Gymnastics Australia advised that they have negotiated a further extension for the current national music licensing arrangements.

The new national agreement for gymnastics with OneMusic Australia will not commence until 1 July 2020 so clubs may continue to use music as before without change in the interim.

Gymnastics Victoria’s 83rd Annual General Meeting 

The Gymnastics Victoria 83rd Annual General Meeting was held on 13 May 2020, via video-conference for the first time.

Gymnastics Victoria thanks all attendees for their time and participation.

The meeting approved the Chair’s report, the CEO’s report, and the Finance report.

The meeting endorsed the re-election of all three Directors who nominated, congratulations to Alistair Edgar, Anthony Johnston, and Tim Robertson upon their new two-year terms.

The meeting ratified the appointment of the two Directors appointed by the Board: congratulations to Molina Asthana and David Cannizzo.

The meeting approved the motion to defer setting member subscriptions for 2021 until a Special General Meeting to be held later this year (likely towards the end of Term 3), so as to give time to gain a better understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 on members.

Thank you for continuing to follow the Victorian Government’s guidelines and for all of your hard work preparing for when gymnastics clubs are allowed to open again. Until then stay safe.


Club Communication - 11/5/20

We hope you were able to have a lovely weekend and could virtually check in with all of your mothers for Mothers’ Day. 

Following on from our email of Friday afternoon, we wanted to bring you the latest updates and what they mean for Gymnastics following the Victorian Government announcements this morning. 

Victoria – Starting to Ease Restrictions

Victoria will begin to ease restrictions from 11.59pm on Tuesday 12 May. These new restrictions and a renewed State of Emergency will be in place until 11:59pm on Sunday 31 May.

In terms of Sport and Recreation, the following information is relevant for Gymnastics to be aware of:
- Indoor sports / physical recreation centres are still prohibited from opening;
- Indoor sport exercise is not allowed, unless it is practiced at home or via online sessions/classes;
- Indoor sports remain prohibited as there is an increase in the risk of transmission while exercising in an enclosed space.

You can review further information from the Victorian Government about the sport, cultural and recreational activity restrictions here

If you are able to conduct modified training outdoors, you must adhere to the relevant common-sense restrictions on a limit of 10 people, being non-contact, maintaining distancing of at least 1.5 metres, and ensuring use of any shared equipment is minimised and cleaned before, during, and after use.

We are aware that other States are easing restrictions faster than Victoria; please be aware that we need to follow the Victorian Government restrictions and cannot open our doors despite gymnastics clubs in other states reopening. 

We encourage you to keep up the great work with online Gymnastics classes, ensuring that you maintain strong child protection protocols and train safely in line with the insurance guidelines.

Return to Gym Protocols

The Victorian Government is going to be considering the ability of different sports to ‘return to play’ from a public health perspective; Gymnastics Victoria will be asked to submit our interpretation of how this can be achieved and so we’re calling on all clubs to provide insights into cleaning, class modifications, or other useful information.  You can share that information via this form or email info@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au – there are some ideas on what to consider in this fact sheet produced by Gymnastics Australia at their ‘rebooting gymnastics’ page.

In preparation for clubs reopening we will be running a ‘Road to Recovery’ webinar series weekly on Friday’s from 10.30am to help prepare clubs to reopen their doors - more details will be available soon.

We look forward to the time that we can re-open Gymnastics clubs and ask you to stay safe and continue to follow the Victorian Government guidelines in the meantime. 


Club Communication - 8/5/20


I hope you are keeping well and remaining positive that the easing of restrictions across the state will happen soon. Please see the below updates addressing the latest announcements from National Cabinet and how the resumption will look. 

National Cabinet Update

Following today’s National Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister has announced a three-step roadmap for the easing of restrictions around the country.
It is important to note that restrictions will differ between states and territories pending the current community impact of COVID-19. 

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews stated this afternoon (8 May 2020):
"Nothing changes today, nothing changes tomorrow, nothing changes Sunday. On Monday and throughout next week I will have a series of announcements to make about changes to the rules."

While we do not know what will come from next week’s announcements, sport within Victoria must still follow and comply with the guidelines set by the Victorian Government. 

In the light of COVID-19, and as the current conversation now starts to shift to when and how community sport can begin again, Gymnastics in Victoria will be guided by a framework currently being drafted by Sport and Recreation Victoria. Once completed, Gymnastics Victoria will then take the framework and apply it in a practical way for gymnastics clubs to ensure that our clubs can open as quickly as possible.  

Gymnastics Victoria are working collaboratively with Gymnastics Australia and all states and territories to ensure that you will receive consistent advice on the cleaning, distancing and general hygiene practises moving forward. We will continue to advocate for our sport at a state level, and will keep you informed of all decisions. 

The potential easing of some restrictions is an exciting prospect for our sport. However, we must ensure that we continue to plan for limited athlete contact and follow our state guidelines. 

When the time is right, when we know it is safe, and when we have planned accordingly – we will all be able to enjoy gymnastics in our clubs once again. 

National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities

Last Friday the National Cabinet endorsed National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities, and agreed that the AIS-developed Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment provides a guide to staged resumption of sport and recreation activities.  

While we are disappointed that outdoor sport appears to be prioritised over indoor sports such as gymnastics, this is a positive sign that the restrictions relating to sport appear to start being lifted.  We will of course be reviewing the detail of the principles and putting our views to the State Government about the suitability of gymnastics to commence earlier rather than later.

Gymnastics Victoria AGM - Wednesday 13 May

The Gymnastics Victoria 83rd Annual General Meeting will be held online via Zoom on Wednesday 13th May, 2020 commencing at 6.55pm for a 7.00pm start. The meeting is open to the Gymnastics community and voting rights are one vote per Affiliated Club, one vote per Technical Committee, and one vote per Board Member.

Meeting papers are available by clicking here and an electronic copy of the Annual Report can be found by clicking here.

To RSVP your attendance please email our office at info@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au.

Questions from members are welcome and can be submitted in advance to the CEO before 9am Monday 11 May. Please email amackinnon@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au to submit a question.

Level Up Funding for Coaches and Judges

Gymnastics Victoria is pleased to announce our Level Up funding project which will provide funding from the Victorian Government for people who are intending to undertake gymnastics coaching or judging accreditations who may be facing barriers to engage in education.

Coaches and judges can apply for funding for any components of the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced accreditation courses. Applications are now open, for more information on how to apply please click here

Vicsport Child Safe Review Survey

Vicsport, along with People, Integrity and Culture Consulting, has released a survey for Victorian clubs, leagues and associations to provide feedback on the challenges of child safeguarding in grassroots sport. The responses will help to design resources and training programs which address the challenges of grassroots sport.

All committee members, staff, coaches, volunteers, parents or officials involved in local sport an encouraged to complete a 10 minute survey by Friday 22 May. Click here for the survey.

JobKeeper FAQs

Gymnastics Victoria are continuing to bring our community the latest information about the JobKeeper wage subsidy. Click here to read the latest fact sheet from this week full of FAQs specific to gymnastics clubs. 

Thank you for your ongoing support in encouraging the gymnastics community to stay engaged and active. If you’d like to see how other clubs and their gymnasts are staying engaged check out #StartHereGymAnywhere on social media. 



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