Women's Australian Levels Program Information

- Level 1-6 follows Version 2.1 of the Australian Levels Program. This is available as a Technical Member Benefit through Gymnastics Australia's GOL website. To access click here
- Level 7-10 follows new 2019 requirements which are available here
- Future, Junior and Senior International rules and requirements are available here

2019 Events 

State Pennant 

National Level 2 Judging Sheet

National Level 2 Judging Instructions

Click Here to view the Level 2 routines that the WAG Technical Committee has released with the combinations of skills (‘routines’) to be used at all 2015 WAG State Pennant competitions in Victoria, including:

  •        State Pennant Finals

Age and Division Calculator

The WAG Technical Committee have developed a WAG Age and Divisions calculator to assist clubs and coaches in determining which division to place athletes.

Click Here to access the Age and Division Calculator


National Technical Information

View the Technical Information distributed by Gymnastics Australia.