Men's Technical Information

The information published in the following section shall remain in force for the current year to the December 31. Information contained herein is discipline specific, and as such should be read in conjunction with and as part of:

  • The Technical Statutes
  • National Program Manual/Technical Regulations
  • Code of Points
  • The Constitution of Gymnastics Victoria
  • The Events Handbook
  • The Year Book
  • The GV Website

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Men's Technical Committee

 The Men's Technical Committee is responsible for the technical rules of Men's Gymnastics in Victoria.

Technical Director - Brad Mannix
Coaching Coordinator - Lachlan Graham
Judging Coordinator - Kevin James
Events Coordinator - Carol James 
Minutes & Secretary - Grace Lepore
General Member - Esther Wheldon
General Member - Thomas Daddow
General Member (Assistant Judging Coordinator) - Satoshi Okita
General Member - James Dunn

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2023 MAG Technical Committee AGM.

At the AGM the position of Technical Director was vacant and there were no nominees. As this is a key position for the Technical Committee it was decided that positions from the floor would not be accepted and that the office would discuss the position and its future direction. Brad Mannix has since confirmed that he will continue his position as Technical Director for a further year to aid in the induction and succession planning of the newly elected committee.

Congratulations to the following people who have all been confirmed in positions on the Technical Committee and will begin their tenure following the GV AGM on the 26th May, 2023.


Technical Director

Brad Mannix

Coaching Coordinator

Lachlan Graham

Judging Coordinator

Carol James

Events Coordinator

Shashwat Patel

Minutes Secretary

Tammy Hart

GM Particiaption & Inclusion

Gordon Wallace

GM Club & Regional Liaison

Don Pennell

GM High Performance

Baciele Alyousef

GM Projects

Satoshi Okita

Meeting Dates

The MAG TC shall conduct all meetings in accordance with best practice and in accordance with its Statutes and Gymnastics Victoria Constitution.

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All correspondence to the Men’s Gymnastics Technical Committee should be addressed to:

MAG Technical Committee
C/- Gymnastics Victoria
138 High Street
Email: [email protected]

Items must be made in writing and received at least 14 days before the published meeting date.


Committee Charter

The Committee Charter articulates the role of each type of committee in Victoria, including Technical, Regional and other operational Committees.

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