Acrobatic Technical Updates

DATE           TECHNICAL UPDATE       
 June 2022  Update to Skill Change Level 2

In preparation for the upcoming Junior competition season, there will be an exception for the Level 2 combo pair skill 1 for Vic ONLY. 

The skill is currently tuck on feet, this however is also a Level 3 Skill (in which the Level 3 has the option of tuck and frog).

In Level 2, Bird of feet, tuck or frog on feet will be accepted.
 March 2022  

Please refer to GOL for the latest version of ALP. Currently using Version 2.0 Released in 2021. 

Measurement difference allowance is now 29 (29.99) difference between every

To confirm that from 30th August 2021 onwards, it is the decision of the Technical Committee that Foundation L1-3 will complete the ‘compulsory’ combined routines as set out in the ALP.

Attire at comp:
- At levels 0-3, competition attire can be any clean, neat and matching club attire. It is
not essential that this is a leotard and longs etc.
- L4 + must follow rules set out in ALP and code of points.