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See the Big Guns Fly!

The Victorian Championships for Men's, Women's and Trampoline Gymnastics are held annually on Queen's Birthday weekend, at Melbourne's prestigious State Netball Hockey Centre, from Saturday 11 to Monday 13 June, 2016.

The Championships features Victoria's top athletes competing across two arenas in a three-day extravaganza of awe-inspiring gymnastics. Our own gymnasts are often joined by teams from across Australia and Oceania, making it an event not to be missed!



Past Event Information

Date: Saturday 11th to Monday 13th June, 2016

Venue: State Netball & Hockey Centre, 10 Brens Drive Parkville 3052


Tickets are no longer available. 

Gymnastics with Bounce

More than 100 children participated in the 2016 Gymnastics with Bounce series on Monday 13th June. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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MAG Victorian Championships
Level 4U All Around Level 4U Team Level 4U Apparatus
Level 4OAll Around Level 4OTeam Level 4O Apparatus
Level 5U Day 1 Standings Level 5U Team Level 5U Apparatus
Level 5U All Around
Level 5O Day 1 Standings Level 5O Team Level 5O Apparatus
Level 5O All Around
Level 6 Day 1 Standings Level 6 Team Level 6 Apparatus
Level 6 All Around
Level 7U Day 1 Standings Level 7U Team Level 7U Apparatus
Level 7U All Around
Level 7O All Around Level 7O Team Level 7O Apparatus
Level 8U Day 1 Standings
Level 8U All Around Level 8U Team Level 8U Apparatus
Level 8O All Around Level 8O Team Level 8O Apparatus
Level 9U17 All Around Level 9U17 Team - N/A Level 9U17 Apparatus
Level 9O All Around Level 9O Team - N/A Level 9O Apparatus
Level 10 All Around Level 10 Team - N/A Level 10 Apparatus
Senior All Around Senior Team - N/A Senior Apparatus

WAG Victorian Championships
International Stream
IL6 Day 1 Standings IL6 Team IL6 Apparatus
IL6 All Around
IL7 Day 1 Standings IL8 Team IL7 Apparatus
IL7 All Around
IL8 All Around IL8 Team IL8 Apparatus
IL9 All Around IL9 Team IL9 Apparatus
IL10 All Around IL10 Team IL10 Apparatus
Junior All Around Junior/Senior Team Junior Apparatus
Senior All Around Senior Apparatus
National Stream
NL 7 U14 All Around NL 7 U14 Apparatus
NL 7 14O All Around NL 7 14O Apparatus
NL 8 U15 All Around NL 8 U15 Apparatus
NL 8 15O All Around NL 8 15O Apparatus
NL 9 U16 All Around NL 9 U16 Apparatus
NL 9 16O All Around NL 9 16O Apparatus
NL 10 U17 All Around NL 10 U17 Apparatus
NL 10 17O All Around NL 10 17O Apparatus
National Levels Spectacular

TRP Victorian Championships & Levels All Stars
Double Mini Level 1 - Levels All Stars
Trampoline Level 2 - Levels All Stars
Tumbling Level 3 - Levels All Stars
Synchronised Trampoline Level 4 - Levels All Stars
Level 5 - Levels All Stars

MAG & WAG Championship Qualifiers

Competition Information