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By signing the Technical Membership Form, all coaches and judges agree to abide by all of Gymnastics Australia's Policies and Regulations. Please ensure you are familiar with each of following policies and regulations.

National Updating Policy - All coaches must update annually to renew their accreditation with Gymnastics Australia. This policy, as outlined in the Technical Membership Handbook, details the methods of updating that can be used and the rules governing all updating events. All coaches who submit updating evidence that is not in-line with this policy may have their Technical Membership withheld until verification is provided.

Coaches Code of Ethics - as an accredited member of Gymnastics Australia, every coach must abide by the rules outlined within this policy.
Member Protection Policy - outlines the rules associated with the fairness and equity of membership within gymnastics.

Privacy Policy - outlines the rules associated with the collection, storage and use of membership information and personal details.

Anti-Doping Policy - outlines the guidelines associated with the detection, deterrence and prevention of doping within gymnastics. This policy applies to all members, athletes and other personnel as outlined within.
Visit the By-laws, Policies & Technical Regulations page to view the current version of the Member Protection Policy, Privacy Policy and Anti-Doping Policy.

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