Becoming a Technical Member

Technical Membership is a category of membership with Gymnastics Australia. It is offered to coaches and judges who have successfully completed required competencies by attending one of Gymnastics Australia’s accreditation courses in Coaching or Judging. These courses are conducted through Gymnastics Victoria.

Visit to learn more about coaching and judging courses.

The Benefits of Technical Membership for 2014

Technical Members receive benefits that are designed to assist and support them in their roles. All Coaches who become Technical Members of Gymnastics Australia also receive separate benefits from their State Gymnastic Association. Plus from time to time you will receive special bonus purchase offers from Gymnastics Australia's corporate partners.

In 2014, Gymnastics Australia is pleased to offer you an expanded range of lifestyle and financial benefits through Member Advantage. The expanded range of benefits includes great savings on dining at a range of selected restaurants and a 5% discount off a wide range of pre-purchased gift cards. To find out more visit, login using your Gymnastics Australia membership number as displayed on your membership card.

All Technical Members receive free access to a digital version of the Australian Levels Program manual or equivalent for each Gymsport they hold an accreditation in!

Technical Members receive free subcription to the digital International Gymnast Magazine.

Technical Membership Handbook

Gymnastics Australia's Technical Membership Handbook is one of the most important documents for all Technical Members. It provides all coaches and judges with the necessary information for maintaining and upgrading accreditations as well as other important rules and regulations (including updating). Please ensure you are familiar with the contents of this handbook.

Technical Membership Handbook