The Rotation, is a business series developed by Gymnastics Victoria to provide up-to-date information and commentary on popular topics, progressive strategies and behind the scenes business tips on ideas on how to diversify your club.

Episode 1 - We're all in this together

Ashleigh Brennan is joined by Judy Young, the Chair of the Board for Gymnastics Victoria to discuss the biggest effects of COVID-19 from the financial impact on our clubs to the mental health of coaches and athletes.

The gymnastics community are all in this pandemic together. This is recognised by the executives, along with the positives such as the importance of community connection and the adaptability of all members. You will also get a quick introduction to Gymnastics Victoria's new CEO Robin O'Neill and an insight into what GV are doing to support all members.

Please note this podcast was recorded in early July 2020 during Victoria's Stage-3 lockdown.

Episode 2 - Avenue for growth
Meet Robin O'Neill Gymnastics Victoria's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. Robin comes to Gymnastics Victoria in the midst of the global pandemic, with an extensive background in the sport and recreation sector and an understanding of the important role that fundamental movement plays for all. Ashleigh and Robin discuss more on the potential for growth in the sport and the role gymnastics plays in communities.

Please note this podcast was recorded in mid July 2020 during Victoria's Stage-3 lockdown


Episode 3 - Sport and Life Training
Ashleigh speaks with Dave Burt, the Founder of SALT, a not-for-profit health promotion organisation with the vision to transform Australian culture through sport. This episode explains SALT and why Sport and Life Training is important in clubs and in particular gymnastics, right now and in the future.

If any of the topics discussed cause you distress contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or via or Beyondblue on 1300 224 636 or

Sport and Life Training

Episode 4 - Marketing to Success
Learn the tips and strategies from marketer Katrina McCarter on how to market your gymnastics club and programs. Marketing to Mums is a marketing and research consultancy which specialises in helping businesses sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer - the mum. This interview is based around the what and why gymnastics clubs should be marketing to the key decision maker.

Episode 5 - Human Resources in Sport
Linda from HR Plus has all the details on what your club needs to know to keep up-to-date with the human resources regulations no matter where you are in Australia. Hear the top three HR tips from the experts as we return back into the face-to-face club setting. Linda also shares why communication is so important across all positions within the club and how clubs can implement best HR practices.

Episode 6 - Financial Data and Systems
Jeremy Gleeson from Sports Accounting Australia jumps into all things finance and systems for your sporting organisation, talking data, systems and how to use your numbers to make operational decisions. Sports Accounting Australia is like the CFO for your club and Jeremy shares tips to help you move forward from the impact of COVID and prepare for the year ahead. 
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