GV Board Charter 

Membership By-Law 

Awards By-Law

Athletes Commision By-Law

Gymsport Technical Commission By-Law

Inspection of Records By-Law

Child Protection and Child Friendly Policies

Child Safe & Child Friendly Policy

Member Protection Policy incorporating Codes Of Behaviour

Photographic and Filming Policy

Child Protection Code of Conduct

Grievances and Complaints Policy

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Age Policy

Alcohol (Responsible Alcohol Policy)

Anti Doping

Anti Match - Fixing (amended and effective as of 1 January 2014)

Assessor, Presenter and Supervisor 

Athlete Multi Club Registration 

Athlete Transfer (amended and effective as of August 2012)

Blood Policy

Blood and Infectious Diseases 

Board Correspondence Policy

Body Image Guidelines

Child Safe & Child Friendly Policy

Club Affiliation - Club Name 

Codes Of Behaviour

Committees Charter

Declaration of Interests and Vested Interest Policy

Event Entry Policy

Grievances and Complaints Policy

Inclusion Policy

Kindergym Australia Guiding Principles 

Life Membership Policy

Member Protection Policy

National Championships Judges and Subsidy

National Events Entry (amended and effective as of 1 March 2014)

National Membership Database 

Parent/Supporter Policy 

Photographic and Filming Policy

Pregnancy Policy

Privacy Statement

Refund Policy 

Selection Policy - Part A 

Smoke Free Policy

State Team Code of Conduct

Sun Protection Policy

Talent Identification Policy

Updating Policy 

Wellness Policy