Other Partners & Sponsors

Janssen Fritsen

We would like to acknowledge Janssen-Fritsen as our major supplier of gymnastics equipment at all major events. We have signed with Janssen-Fritsen to give our competing gymnasts the best possible competition experience. You can see Janssen-Fritsen gymnastics equipment up close at major state-wide competitions and also on their website.


3rd Level Consulting

Whether for business or not for profit, every Gymnastics Victoria club has access to resources and tools to develop best practice standards. Gymnastics Victoria has partnered with 3rd Level Consulting to provide these resources.

3rd Level Consulting works with a range of organisations internationally (including USA Gymnastics) and can help your gymnastics organisation increase its profitability and efficiency for all varieties of clubs. Click here for more information.


HR Plus

Gymnastics Victoria has partnered with HR Plus a human resources consulting firm that can assist clubs with all sorts of staffing and HR related tasks. Established more than 10 years ago, HR Plus offers the full range of strategic and operational Human Resource Management (HR) and Employee Relations advisory and support services to Gymnastics Victoria clubs.

For more information about HR Plus, click here.