High Performance Model Development

With the support of Gymnastics Victoria (GV), Gymnastics Australia (GA) initiated an independent review of high performance gymnastics in Australia.  The review contains 46 recommendations, which the GA Board have accepted in their entirety. These recommendations have led to the development of a new model for high performance gymnastics in Victoria:

The new Model for High Performance Gymnastics in Victoria

Communication 2 

Please click here for the latest statement by Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia regarding the transition to the new High Performance Model in Victoria.


Communication 1 

Gymnastics Victoria (GV) is very pleased to announce the release of the Victorian High Performance (HP) Model for the Gymsports of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics.

The model has been designed to strengthen the depth and breadth of High Performance Gymnastics in Victoria and is guided by the following principles;

  • Regardless of where or how an athlete starts gymnastics, they can be identified & have the opportunity to reach their full potential;
  • Regardless of where or how a coach begins their career, they can be identified and have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a development or performance coach; and
  • All Victorian clubs have a role to play and will work together to identify and enable talented athletes and coaches to reach their full potential.

Over 200 people from Victoria have been involved in the development of the Model for Victoria through a series of workshops, meetings, one-on-one interviews and feedback processes.  The State-based model has been developed in line with the recommendations contained in the Review of High Performance Gymnastics in Australia released by Gymnastics Australia (GA) earlier this year.  The GA review report can be found by clicking here.

The vision of the GV High Performance Model is for a performance driven, athlete focused, coach led system that will make success inevitable across all aspects of the athlete, coach and club pathways. Key principles of the new HP model include the following:

  • Integration with GA’s HP Strategy through utilisation of the Australian Sports Commission’s FTEM model (Foundations/Talent/Elite/Mastery);
  • A development model supported and complemented by a robust competition system;
  • Increasing the pool of athletes, coaches and clubs which are part of the system;
  • Progression through the athlete, coach and club pathways is transparent and uses objective criteria.

Gymnastics Victoria would like to thank stakeholders in the gymnastics community for their feedback and support in the design of the new HP model, and is excited to begin working on an implementation plan. 

The new GV HP Model can be accessed here.


Next Steps

The implementation of the new HP model will commence immediately.  However, as a staged process, some aspects of the model may take a number of years to fully implement.

GV will develop an implementation plan for the roll out of the new HP model and as part of the plan, GV is pleased to announce the following:

  • The GV Board has approved two new positions focused on high performance: 
    • HP Model Implementation Manager for an initial period of 12 months – to commence from the beginning of 2018 to manage the implementation of the model across all three Gymsports;
    • Director of High Performance to work for the Victorian gymnastics community and with Gymnastics Australia to oversee the successful operation of the HP model – this position will commence in mid-2018.

      The State Gymnastics Centre

      Guided by the Review of High Performance Gymnastics in Australia and the Model for High Performance Gymnastics in Victoria the following changes will take place at the GV High Performance Centre (Prahran):

  • The GV High Performance Centre at Prahran will be called the State Gymnastics Centre;  
  • Under the new HP model, the State Gymnastics Centre will operate as a centre of excellence for gymnastics in Victoria and will host a broad base of high performance development activities including athlete training camps, coach development workshops, high performance programs for athletes with disability and events;
  • GV will continue to operate a MAG HP Gymnastics Program at the State Gymnastics Centre for at least the next 2-3 years. Changes beyond this time will be dependent on the readiness of club-based programs in Victoria in line with the new HP model; and
  • The current National Centre of Excellence for WAG will continue to be run by GA at the Centre until 31st December 2018. Beyond that, GA will utilise the Centre to train a squad of athletes eligible for the 2020 Olympics.  GV will work closely with GA to support the successful transition of all other athletes to club-based programs.

This is the first of a series of communications by Gymnastics Victoria regarding the new HP model.  During 2018, the gymnastics community will be kept informed as to the progress of the implementation of the model and how it might affect gymnasts, coaches and clubs.

In the meantime, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the GV office on 03 9005 4700.




Time frame for the Development of the GV High Performance Model.

February 2016 - Gymnastics Australia appoint Suiko Consulting to conduct a review of High Performance across Australia – completed

March 2017 - Release of Gymnastics Australia High Performance Review – completed

May 2017 - Establishment of GV Board Working Group to oversee the development of a Model for HP for Victoria – completed

August 2017 - Hold HP Model Development focus group sessions, forums and meetings – completed

December 2017 - Announce the model to the Victorian Gymnastics Community – current

January 2018 - Appointment of the GV HP Model Implementation Project Manager

July 2018 - Appointment of the GV Director of High Performance


For more information visit the GV website at www.gymnasticsvictoria.org.au