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Mia VU Work Placement

Gymnastics Victoria were excited to welcome another student from Victoria University Polytechnic for three-weeks of work experience.
Nationals Week 2

It was a week full of leaps, flips, aerials and triumphs during the second week of the Australian Gymnastics Championships, with some outstanding performances in the Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions.
Nationals Week 1

It was a fantastic first week for Victoria at the Australian Gymnastics Championships, with some standout performances in the Men’s Artistic and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics competition.
Club of the Month - PIT Gymnastics

PIT Gymnastics has been nominated as the Gymnastics Victoria Club of the Month for May!
Hero of the Month - Cathy Green

Cathy is the head coach at Koala Gymnastics Club and has this month been nominated for Hero of the Month!


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